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Get paid to take surveys!

Yeah , right!

About 15 years ago I received a phone call from a local marketing company. They informed me that if I was willing to meet with one of their employee and complete a one hour survey they would pay me $100.00. I was perplex but curious so I accepted. I met with a young woman who was doing a survey for American Express. She asked tons of question then showed me different advertising for American Express. She asked question on how I felt after each advertising.

When she was done she handed me a $100 cashier check... true story!  

Sounds pretty good right! But this happened ONCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

The reality is that I met specific requirement for American Express and that why they picked me.

You don't pick who is going to survey you! They pick who they survey based on criteria's defined by extensive research. So the concept that you can make a living "completing survey" is in my opinion pure Ebull!

But hey... prove me wrong!

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