Making Money on the Internet

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This website DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING. I provide this valuable information to you at no charge because only because I am good and I don't want you to get scammed. Also I since I make money I want to "share the wealth" with you a complete stranger...

Now, enough with the (E)bullshit!

The truth is, I provide information on the internet, people visit my site and the more people visit the more money I make from the Google advertising on this site. - That simple! This site does not make much money but it pays for itself.

This illustrates how easy it can be to make money on the internet. not that much but we can dream)

Seriously guys and gals, it is a jungle out there. People do make legitimate money but many many more make money selling "I'll tell you how to get rich for $29.95 " scams.


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