Making Money on the Internet

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Have you been scammed by work at home get rich quick type websites? Did you invest some of your hard earned money in "systems" that simply didn't live up to their claims?

The reality is that the vast majority of these "systems" or "programs" only work for one person and that is the creators of the "systems" who prey on the many web surfers searching for money making opportunities.

This said, there are many ways to make money on the internet and many people make good living doing just that.  Several of my friends are making good money on the internet and I have been trying to figure out exactly how because the reality is that those who really make good legitimate money on the internet don't go around telling the world how they do it

I make money on the internet; not enough yet to quit my day job but I'm getting there. How I started? Few years ago I met a guy at a local bar. He revealed he was an employee for a local accounting firm and we ended up discussing making money on the internet. He mentioned making an average of $300 per month on a website and I responded jokingly that this was petty cash. He commented that he had 9 sites averaging $300 per months and was working on 3 more. He was selling eBooks some of which he had written other he had purchased with resell rights for few dollars. I have since verified his story.

Don't need to be an accountant to figure out that 9 websites at $10.00 a year each = $90.00 + web hosting (for multiple site) around $15.00 a month = $180.00 for a yearly total expenditure of $270.00. He was averaging $2.700.00 a month or $32, 400.00 a year. Nice side job considering that once setup these website are fully automated.

The lesson I learned from him is, instead of figuring ways to make big money on one "system" an alternative maybe to make few buck from many sources. That is what I do and it is working for me. Don't be greedy, don't' expect to make thousands the first month. There is a learning curve so be patient and make sure to read my tips.